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New Surface Pro2 user


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Hi everyone,
I bought a Surface Pro2 64gb last february, if I well remember. I've chosen it since I wanted a x86 machine with digitizer and that I can use as a tablet, and it was the most convincing choice. Although I was (am) quite happy with the structural design and properties of the machine, unfortunately the experience with this machine was (and is) drammatic. After months and months it still reboots randomly when going out of sleep, or do not go out of sleep at all. Metro apps crash often, and in general my experience with windows 8 has been unhappy (onenote pointer not working well with double windows, cannot see full name when attaching files in Mail App, and so on).
So, I found finally time and strenght to join this community to ask for help, but I'm quite sure that I will get much more from it, and I will be in the end use to use perfectly this amazing machine.

And here I am :)