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New Surface Book owner , not too sure what to think yet


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Hi there folks!
I'm Dale, a seasoned vet in the puter and electrical areas who just popped a bunch of money on the counter for a Surface Book I5 with the Nvidia GPU. I am very impressed with the concept of what we have here, a great laptop.. a great tablet. One Note that can help with my Algebra homework hahaa. It really is a great machine but I have a major problem with the fit and finish here. Mine (and apparently a lot of folks) has a warped/bulging area on the backside of the display that really looks poorly made in certain lighting. I'm a little lost on what to do as my book is only a month old and its been like this since day 1. I shouldn't have to be looking at skins to hide this. Do any of you share this issue? What was the outcome on trying to return it for this reason? I know its merely cosmetic but at this price I think we bought into a supermodel here!
Regardless nice to meet all you folks and I hope to be able to become another valued member of what looks like a great online community!



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I would be getting it exchanged pronto. It could simply be cosmetic, but I think it equally possible that it is due some major internal defect. For the amount the device costs, just make use of that warranty for some peace of mind.


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Exchanged it last week, new one looks much better in regards to the lump/bulge below the Windows logo.