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Surface Book Wrap Options


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After becoming somewhat sure that I am not going to need to return my SB for any reason my thoughts turn to customizing / protecting my new daily driver. After doing way too much research I settle on StickerBoy.net based on the coverage of the skin. The downside was that they do not customize stickers like DecalGirl. I contacted StickerBoy through email (I was able to chat with DecalGirl) and patiently waited until the next day when Chloe replied to my two questions; i. I was trying to order the 'Anthracite Silver Leather' and do they do customized skins (ala DecalGirl). Her response is below:


Unfortunately, Anthracite Silver Leather has been discontinued.

We do not do custom designs because we have ceased digital printing several years ago.


Digital printing is extremely toxic for the producers and consumers.

The products are meant to be hung on a wall away from consumers by several feet and not being touched on a daily basics such as a cell phone or laptop.

Printers will say that there is lamination over the printed film but the lamination itself is not guaranteed to not have micro pin holes to trap the toxic ink.

Also the ink does escape through the edges and worst of all the finished products start shrinking up to a quarter of an inch depending on the shelf life.

Why shrinking?

Because heat is needed to dry the toxic ink along with lamination. That is why, if you see decal girls or even skin its finish products there is a black border around the edge and sizes are off by at least 1/8th of an inch.


Info Team, Stickerboy

I thought I would see what Decal Girl had to say - Melissa responded:

"We use eco solvent inks that are non toxic and would not be harmful to you and the reference to the black border and the size being of by 1/8 of an inch is not something that have heard of so I do not know what (you) are referring to"

Soooo it really comes down to this:



  1. More comprehensive coverage
  2. Some awesome looking designs
  1. You cannot actually order many of the designs that they advertise
  2. Customer Service is lacking in the contact-ability department (email only)
  3. The information they provide is, well, disputable at best


  1. You can customize the snot out of your wrap
  2. Great Customer Service. Instant Chat, Phone Number, Email, & Physical Address!
  1. They only offer limited coverage (or stencils for wrap locations)
Conclusion - Without purchasing or actually seeing StickerBoy.net product, all indications are that they have a great product. People here seem to love them. I have used DecalGirl on my SP3 and it was perfect for what I needed. The Surface Book just calls for a little more detail which StickerBoy seems to be providing. I am simply frustrated that they advertise designs that you cannot purchase and that their customer service is way too slow by today's standards, plus the information they provide is unnecessarily inaccurate.

As of right now my SB remains naked and subject to the perils of a world with sharp edges and scuff creating surfaces. Anyone have any thoughts - is there a wrap company out there that has the best of both worlds? Looking for feedback...