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New Surface Dock - Monitors Swapping


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I've just switched from using a Surface Pro 3 docking station to a new Surface Dock, and am experiencing an issue.

In my office, I have two identical (VGA) monitors which I use side-by-side as external displays; previously I had one connected to the docking station and would connect one to the video out of my Surface, and never had issues with the computer remembering the correct configuration and arrangement of monitors.

Now that I am using the dock with both monitors connected, I find, with both the Surface Pro 4 and my old Surface Pro 3, that sometimes when I connect the dock, the monitors are recognised the wrong way round, so the monitor on the left registers as being on the right, and vice versa.

Obviously, this can be solved by going into display settings and swapping them over, but this is frustrating to have to do several times a day. I also imagine that I could avoid this by leaving one monitor connected to the dock and plugging the other one into the Surface's mini-display port, but, again, this would be an extra inconvenience, and would negate what strikes me as the new Dock's primary selling point over the old docking station.

Has anyone else encountered this issue, and can anyone suggest a solution?


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I do NOT mean this to be funny but I experience this problem frequently with desktop systems and though you should be able to ID the monitors in setup and drag them left or right, when this has been a persistent problem because a DVI port wanted to be first in line I would just physically swap the monitors.