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New Surface Pro 3 Owner


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Hi everyone.
I just recently got myself a Surface Pro 3, i3 64gb.
First off I upgraded the SP3 from 8.1 to Windows 10.
I then eventually worked out how to get into the UEFI and how to boot from a USB which incidentally needed to be formatted with FAT32. Once I managed to get Win 10 installed that's when the fun began. I ran into so many difficulties with Windows Update which I think was down to the wifi connection. I read in a few places that there was an issue with the WiFi and also read on this forum that if you had a Bluetooth mouse attached it could interfere with the WiFi. I did have a Bluetooth mouse attached so I removed that and the WiFi seemed to improve a little.
I then had to change some of the settings on my router. I took off the 5GHz wireless connection and just let it connect via 2.4GHz and this improved the connection also.
Oh and what an effort it was to get the 15/09/15 firmware update to install. It kept failing all the time but eventually I got it installed.
I then did another fresh install of Windows 10 as I felt had ironed out some of the issues but I had to install the firmware update again. Is this normal as I would have thought once its done that's it, much like a bios update?
Could someone clarify this please?

Any tips would be welcome and please tell me that other people had some of the same issues as myself just so I know I'm not alone.



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Glad you got it sorted.

And, yes, many of us are bugged by firmware updates repeatedly wanting to update. Microsoft recognizes this problem.

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