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New Surface Pro 3 Owner


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Hi There

I just picked up a new Surface Pro 3 a few weeks ago and decided to replace my laptop with it. I tried out the original Surface Pro and decided that it just wasn't quite there yet for me to consider replacing my laptop with, but the larger screen and adjustable kickstand (among other things) made me decide to switch to it as my primary computer. Despite a few small issues like the touchpad sensitivity settings resetting sometimes after a deep sleep, and my external monitor not scaling correctly without changing the setting and logging out, it doesn't impact me in the ways I use this device. Overall it's a keeper for me!


Welcome Reid-

Like you, I took a look at the original Surface and decided to wait a little longer before I considered it to replace my laptop. MS 3rd attempt did the trick. I love my SP3


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Always seems like it's the third try for Microsoft :)

Paired with a Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad, it serves all my needs from office work for my job and school to recording a guitar at home with an interface or on the go with a microphone, and no need to import or export projects when changing recording spaces.

This whole one device concept is starting to make sense for me and I'm willing to bet others will find that's the case as well.