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New Surface Pro LTE review and issues

New Surface Pro LTE review and issues
3 weeks later I thought I would report on the pros and Cons
this is the i5, 256 gb , 8 gigs of ram and the Qualcomm 885 Always on LTE modem
  1. Very Fast Load :).. 3 seconds to my chrome browser, ( much faster than my i7 7100 with 16 gigs of ram.)
  2. LTE works well! I am live all the time.
  3. Like the form factor ...12.5 in screen .. improvement over my Surface 3 LTE.
  4. Love my Maroon Colour scheme ..Keyboard and Mouse
  5. Battery life is good gets me through a full 8-10 hour day on lte
  6. Fast battery recharge
  1. Speakers SUCK big time.. I think the quietest of (17) tablets I have owned.
  2. Bluetooth does not connect speaker and microphone to Microsoft Sync in my Ford and Ford Sync 3 ( all other Apple and Samsung tablets do connect)
  3. Proprietary charging cable ..grrrr Not buying a second charger for the car yet
  4. GPS Mapping Issues: cannot seem to get Google Maps to show location, nor Microsofts Terrible Map Pro. But the basic windows 10 Maps do show my location.. So maybe I need to tweak some configurations, but all other lte G3 Apple or Samsung tablets have had issues showing my Location while driving.
As a Road Warrior, the poor Speakers, lack of Bluetooth connection to cars speakers and microphone, and the non-function of google maps are critical issues.
Until these problems are solved it is back to the Samsung note 12.2. :(


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Ford Sync typically uses "white lists" for Bluetooth syncing and hasn't added Microsoft Devices (phones included). I've replied to your other threads - please consolidate your threads as your are spreading them too much.


thanks Jeff for response.
Ironic isn't it
Microsft Sync on my Ford Escape still hasn't white listed any Microsoft devices but has white listed so many (all) Apple and Samsung devices


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Got mine as well. Previously owned a Surface 3 lte as well. Still own it, just don't use it anymore. This really is a delight!

I'm planning on using this Surface Pro to replace my desktop, Surface 3 and work laptop