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Surface Pro LTE no longer connecting to LTE


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Hi everyone,

I booted up my Surface Pro LTE 2017 after a while and have discovered that I can no longer connect to the LTE network. I use T-mobile and I can see the network (it shows disconnected) and then when I say connect, it goes into 'connecting' and hangs. I found the following thread online:


Has anyone else experienced this problem and how have you handled it? I tried resetting my surface, and putting in the card after the reset, hoping that any patches have been applied, but it still does not work. I cannot imagine that MS has not received complaints from people, considering this is the only reason folks have this device to begin with..


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Did you also apply the patch that is presented in the thread you link to?
What I did find was, that in another European country, I cannot connect using my Dutch SIM.