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GPS Mapping Issues: Surface Pro LTE

I cannot seem to get Google Maps to show location,
nor Microsofts Terrible Map Pro.
But the basic windows 10 Maps do show my location..

So maybe I need to tweak some configurations, but all other lte G3 Apple or Samsung tablets have had issues showing my Location while driving.

Has anyone else got google maps to show your live time location when driving??


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The difference is app vs website. For the time being you cannot let a website tap into real time updates of your gps hardware. Even on an Android phone that is pretty hard. Perhaps progressive web apps will change that


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What Browser are you using? In Redstone 4 both Chrome and Edge should work assuming the site supports Progressive Web Apps.


ok google maps is OUT no location connection
Maps Pro is Bad; roads are out by 1,000 feet
MS builtin Maps .. has Location but very poor function
Sygic Navigation appears to WORK.. still testing


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The first PWA apps are currently being delivered. The nice thing of that is that Google can't create a (let's say) YouTube PWA and then prohibit Microsoft from using it. And previously that was the case: Google just didn't want to make a Windows (Mobile) YouTube app.


Wow, shocked by reactions to this thread, was expecting gps and navigation to work for the apps and websites on LTE device. Is just a question of gps data acces to the apps I would imagine. It shouldn't be a problem.


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In my understanding it works on apps. It's just websites that don't work. On an Android or iOS phone navigation doesn't work on maps.google.com either....if you use the app it does work.
It's not thst strsnst, but it is inconvenient. Let's hope PWA's take off sooner than later!


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Or am I completely misunderstanding here and doesn't a PWA mean that it can work as any app on the modern Edge browsers?