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New Surface RT Owner, Unexpected but Oddly Satisfying

Tom T

New Member
Last week I got together with a friend and surprisingly enough the subject of tablets came up. She told me she had bought a Surface tablet in early December and has been a little unhappy with it. She apparently hadn't done a lot of research before buying it, and it was just a little more complicated than she had expected, more like a laptop than a tablet to her. I let her play around with my Galaxy Note 10.1 and she must have been impressed because she called me a couple days ago to tell me she had bought one. She offered her Suface with touch cover to me, knowing my gadget lust, at a price I couldn't refuse.

I've been a member of ATF for quite a while so I figured this was the obvious place to get up to speed with my new tablet. So far I am quite impressed with the Surface and am becoming attached to the touch cover. As soon as I set up the mail program to sync with gmail it grabbed my calendar data as well, which is awesome. It will be interesting to see how much of my time this device can pilfer from my Note 10.1.

Looking forward to being a part of the forum