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Hello from the UK


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Hi, Typing this on my Surface. My wife had been looking to buy a tablet since being impressed with the iPad friend of ours was using while on Holiday in the summer. I suggested that she should wait until we could have a look at a Surface while we were in America later in the year. The Family and I went on Holiday to New York at the beginning of December. We went to the Microsoft Store in Times Square and my wife was very impressed with what she saw (as I knew she would Be) and bought a 64Gb Model. back at our apartment I was gagging to have a play, set the Surface up (which is really quite simple) I had been using it for maybe 10 - 20 minutes and loudly pronounced "I have got to have me one of these" The next day we went back and bought a 32Gb for me. Still getting to grips with the ins and outs of Windows RT and Windows 8 but loving the learning curve. in summary solid piece of hardware, and big change in the UI, the app store needs some more growth but I am sure that will get up to speed soon.


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Congrats and welcome. Check out the link in my sig for info on how to navigate windows 8/rt.