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Surface having trouble connecting with our router.


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I bought me wife a surface for Christmas this year. She likes the tablet but she is having trouble with staying connected to our 802.11ac Asus router. All of the other devices we have in our house work fine with the Internet. Her surface is the only one having trouble (it is very slow or does not work at all). Has anybody had the same thing happen? Does anyone know of a fix?
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It sounds as if it is working (some). If so try inputting fixed IP and DNS info into the network connection on the surface. Another thing you might want to try is a change of the channel the router is using. Also look to see if the router has a firmware update available. The AC routers are pretty new so there may be some other issues going on.
RT WiFi supports (802.11a/b/g/n)

Some AC routers support N as well but very few. Most AC routers are being used as a bridge for that reason. Almost nothing in the way of peripherals actually support the AC at the moment so my assumption, (you know what they say about that;)) was that the ASUS does support N based other devices working.