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New Surface RT User in Rhode Island


Hello everyone,

For background, I'm an AutoCAD user/developer. I should also mention that I'm not a huge fan of overpriced hardware, games or social networking sites - though social networking is slowly luring me in.

Much of my work happens in the field, so the tablet form factor is quite appealing. I intend to investigate the process with the RT but will probably upgrade to an 8 Pro variant in the near future.

I've had the Surface now for about a month (bought it the day of the price drop). I have to say I'm very impressed. Despite the inability to load either AutoCAD or Visual Studio, the RT is still proving to be a good field companion. OneNote and Excel provide excellent data gathering capabilities. I'm still looking for a more capable Vector Drawing app. I hope Autodesk eventually ports the AutoCAD WS to Windows RT.

The other reason for the purchase is in support of App development. I use C# for my AutoCAD work and the C#/XAML pairing are an attractive option for a mobile spearhead.

Eager to learn,


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Hi Sean

Good to hear a new user enjoying the RT and putting it to use in the field. If AutoCAD do make a RT app you may never feel the need to get a Pro tablet. I know I always had that intention when I got the RT but now I don't feel the need with having my desktop at home and always available via RDP.


Thanks for the welcome everyone.

I had not previously required Remote Desktop as the "field" laptop had everything on it. I experimented with the RDP app this weekend and it seems pretty effective. At least here in the office. I'll experiment with Internet Sharing (tethering) in the field. If that works well enough, perhaps I won't need the Vector Drawing app.

Thanks for the suggestion.