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New Surface - Several Apps Not Opening, Including Skydrive


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I just purchased a new surface and set it up last night. I have a sky drive account already yet when I select skydrive it simply starts and then shuts down. A few other apps do this as well. I tried to uninstall and re-install and no change. What am I missing?
Two things, have you ran through all of the updates both the Windows Update (Use the Desktop Version as it will grab the optional Updates) and Store Updates? All of the Core MS Apps have been updated.
I did all the store updates and some of the apps are still not working, like weather. I'll do the windows update next.
Just ran all the windows updates, optional updates and there are no more app updates from the store. I'm connected to the internet and when I select Skydrive it starts and closes immediately. Weather app just spins...doesn't load up at all. Same with maps, finance and a few others. The one I'm most concerned with is Skydrive as I use this regularly already.
Did you also reboot after running the updates? If a reboot doesn't work you may need to move on to a refresh.
Yes. I've rebooted. I also set up my email address and so far it is not letting me log in. I can get to internet just fine and I've accepted the email to add the laptop. I'm rebooting again. It looks like maybe some of the skydrive items are syncing as in the photos window now show one of the photos but when I select it nothing happens, just sits on the logo.
I tried to refresh and it did not work. It kept saying not able to refresh and then any changes the refresh made was then reverse. I then tried to reset back to original (as I don't really have any docs or files yet) and it failed with a recovery error. Says I need recovery tools on the installation media (which I do not have) ro to contact PC Manufacturer. What do I need to do???? I've had this less than 2 days.
I would also exchange it since you have barely had it and even the restore isn't working. You could try MS support but it is probably easier to just get a new unit since that is not what you should be spending time doing out of the box.