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SkyDrive is Killing My Hard Drive


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So I noticed this morning that SkyDrive is filling up the hard drive on my Surface 2 by attempting to sync all of my files from SkyDrive to the local disk. The problem is that there is not enough space to put all of my files on the drive and it prevents me from opening other files from SkyDrive, giving me an error that says I don't have enough space. I know with the older Desktop app you used to be able to select which folders you wanted to sync... is this not an option with 8.1? I don't want SkyDrive to put anything on my tablet; I just want to be able to access my files via SkyDrive on my Surface and still have the files sync between my Desktop and Laptop.


The toggle switch for "all files offline" is broken in Windows 8.1. A reboot seems to clear whatever state you set it at and it reverts to the other.
To check it, from within the SkyDrive Modern UI app, check the settings.


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I was able to fix the issue by managing the individual folders from within Windows Explorer in desktop mode. Kind of a pain, but it worked. Thanks.