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New to the Forum, Early Adopter of Surface RT! The Bear from Colorado USA is Here


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Hi everyone! As a (semi) retired IT Pro, I've got lots of experience troubleshooting problems. The other day, as I was trying to connect my external Bluetooth GPS puck (Keychain Freedom GPS 2000) to my Surface RT, I started looking for some help and ideas on making it work. Along the way, I stumbled in here. Seems like a nice place.
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Anything not in the compatibility list is basically shot, and looking for the closest drivers on printers for example is hit and miss thing, much more for a non-supported GPS device.
Welcome to the forum Bear. As Arnold said drivers can be hit and miss. Haven't heard much talk about GPS dongles so it is hard to say if you just happen to have something not supported or if this is an area that drivers are particularly thin.