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Hello all. I'm new here and thinking about getting a Surface RT. I've been playing with the display unit at my local Staples a lot and am impressed... Any advice you all could give as to battery life/do you enjoy the Surface RT/what do u do with it/RT vs. Pro/ etc... Would be greatly appreciated... I am an IPad/iPad mini and Nexus 7 user but the Surface has recently caught my attention. Thanks in advance and nice to meet you all... :)
Welcome to the forum. The Surface RT is great and average battery use is about 8+ hours. If you are looking for a device that is like the iPad/mini/Nexus 7 but is a real laptop for using Office, file management or network connection. The RT will blow those others away and feel just like a regular laptop in those cases.

If you need more than that though, like installing other software (legacy apps), like other browsers, photoshop, iTunes, etc. or if you need Outlook as part of your Office use then you will need to go for the Pro. The Pro is actually an Intel ultrabook and works just like any other ultrabook laptop.

There are plenty of threads describing all of these aspects of both the RT and Pro in detail so have a read around.

Thanks, Smalltowngirl and J515OP! Been doing more and more research and I think I will be getting a Surface soon... But don't know now if I should get the Pro or RT... We'll see. I like the compact RT for it's weight and portability but I am hearing really great things in the reviews for the Pro... We'll see....
I love my RT. I think Microsoft did a fantastic job considering it's version 1. Since buying it last November I believe I've used it at least 3-4 hours per day, every day. I settled for the RT because I've got two Windows 8 desktops to support my legacy programs. As for your selection it all depends on whether or not you need to run legacy programs on it.