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New to windows 8 - just got MS surface pro-give some tips


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I've just purchased microsift surface pro.
I've not used windows 8 til now..

let me know good apps, websites, and all other things to do with MS surface pro and windows 8.

how to make backup/system image to restore windows 8/tablet as fresh in future if anything happens??
and al such tips..



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Not to sound snarky but my first recommendation would be to Google the thousands of pages of Surface Pro and Windows 8 Tips already in existence and see what they have to say.


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Not to sound snarky but my first recommendation would be to Google the thousands of pages of Surface Pro and Windows 8 Tips already in existence and see what they have to say.
thx for advise..did that and doing that but meanwhile if someone who have used same , they can advise better...on google search, as u told, i'll find tons of pages which wont help..
even i find this forum on google search


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" Cross at the green and not in between" :p

But also i would suggest doing a search in the forum for everything you are looking for--- you will find it.


My best advice is to use your desktop instead of the apps. i got frustrated using the apps and they are dumbed down versions...microsoft apps like office work the same but facebook etc are not as good. i also use the hotmail app for instant notifications of email, but usually read them from my desktop.


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Welcome and good luck with your new purchase.

For apps, it really depends on what you’re looking for. Your best bet is to spend some time in the Microsoft Store app “browsing”. If you are searching for something specific, let us know, and I’m sure someone can help.

If you are interested in Legacy Windows Applications, you’ll need to get familiar with the Windows 8 Desktop. Some users are not happy with the missing Start Button, but you’ll find all sorts of links to Start Button Utilities here, and on the web.

Finally, best websites… Why www.surfaceforums.net, of course. ;)


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Best PDF & Best CHM reader for windows 8?

in iOS i use good reader & in android, ezpdf reader..
similar in windows 8?? which shd allow to highlight lines/words..

and for chm also any reader which allows to highlight lines/words?

and best ppt/doc reader? free?


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The best PDF reader I have found for the Modern UI is Microsoft’s Reader. It opens relatively fast, allows for bookmarks, zooms out to view page thumbnails, and page scrolling is good. It does allow for annotation (black only), however, once the file is reloaded, the annotations are unreadable. If Microsoft would fix this, the Microsoft Reader would be the best one out there. (IMO)

I recently started testing DrawboardPDF from the Microsoft Store. It has some very nice annotation tools, however, it lacks quite a bit in paging functions as well as no bookmarks.

CHM Files? If those are the same CHM files I’m thinking of, I haven’t used those for years, I don’t even remember what I used on the desktop for those (sorry).


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Good thread and I think it's ok to ask this question, because a dedicated thread is good. Most threads, even here, get flooded with so much idle chit chat which you have to wade through to get back to the real topic someone started.

I'm switching from my iPad to the Surface Pro 128gb and can't wait.
Apps i'm interested in are:

* Cloud storage, flight sims like F-Sim, backup software to restore the device if something goes pear shaped, and into the cloud especially. Games like The Bards Tale, Command and Conquer woul be good.

This is a good starting point:
Top 7 iPad & iPhone Apps | Welcome

I loved Age of Empires 2 on the PC and I hear that's being revamped as well which is great news, and it runs on the Surface Pro apparently

Oh boy, it's going to be a LONG 12 days wait for the Australia release day...


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i think microsoft surface pro isnt preloaded with any antivirus????
isnt it? if so, which one i shd go for? i m using bitdefender & norton in my desktop & notebook...
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