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New Up dates today 12\11


A bunch of new updates today
System Hardware Update - No details
Two Updates for Office
Flash Update
Two Windows RT update
IE update
Windows RT Security update

Run updates from the desktop or you will not see the Hardware or the two Office updates
Have no benifits or problems to report just completed.


Yes I agree in the bulletin it just basicly list them by security level a few this time round are critical

The interesting one is the System Hardware update I am hoping on ot these fixes the audio muting issue.

Title: Microsoft Security Bulletin Re-Releases
Issued: December 11, 2012

The following bulletins have undergone a major revision increment.
Please see the appropriate bulletin for more details.

* MS12-043 - Critical
* MS12-050 - Important
* MS12-057 - Important
* MS12-059 - Important
* MS12-060 - Important
* MS12-JUL
* MS12-AUG

Bulletin Information:


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I am updating from the start menu (Charms) and I am seeing all the updates, including Office. Doing it now. On XDA they are reporting the Surface is now louder and is also a bit faster - maybe it is getting that 5th core running now.


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Hey guys. I just updated all features, including the one they unchecked on windows update control panel.

I now have four rows instead of three on my start screen.

So far so good. Pretty slick.


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Still three rows here, after the updates. Installed them through Metro, then checked in Desktop and one update was still outstanding - the one to do with the camera I think it was.


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