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first three days with surface


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Hi have had surface tablet for three days, set up quick and problem free, notification of updates for pre installed apps and [system updates 17 amounting to 203 Mb,] down loaded updates very fast, installing etc
took two and half hours, unable to use tablet during this, but it is very fast and apps load quickly,
wi-fi no limited connection except when using home router and only once, I normally use 3g phone /Tablet hot spot and had no limited wi - fi when I am connected to them, strange?,
I found app store easy to use and not empty as reviewers say,and it will get better, Touchpad/ playbook app stores are empty I own both, having full flash support I would have bought the surface on that alone,
IE10 browser is fast and loads pages in desktop not mobile version, every site I normally use works very
well including Tv catchup sites, all require flash, e mail app works well I have six accounts live/outlook and Google, notifications arrive quickly, all pre installed apps work well
Desktop side of surface is useful with office,[ just received update notification for full office version about 500Mb,]
IE10 browser on Desktop works and loads desktop web sites every time, I bought 64 GB version without
keyboard,I use arc mouse for desktop it works well, the screen is very good the swipe gestures are quick and easy to pick up,power button only used to switch on, every thing else by touch, almost button free,I own windows phone 7.5 very similar, so was using surface in minutes,
kickstand is brilliant, and recess is perfect for left handed people, magnetic charger is no problem to fit
this is the best tablet I own, I have four others xoom/ galaxy tab /Touchpad / playbook, and the surface RT
beats them all, based on my owning/ using them, will buy spare charger as soon as available,
battery life so far is very good [only xoom lasts 30minutes longer]might improve after a few cycles but still good, Microsoft have made a brilliant tablet not cheap but quality,will other makers RT tablets be as good,
only problem was finding one in retailer not online store, worth the search. No Microsoft stores in U K.
the surface deserves to succeed hope it does.

I need to buy micro sd card to put my video/audio files on and keep internal storage space for system
up dates/apps, which make and size is the best one For the surface?,any advice would be welcome,
many thanks.
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