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New user accounts in SP4


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Hello everyone.

I use my SP for both my job and my personal life.

Right now, I only have my Microsoft account in the device, and use Windows Hello to log into it.

I´d like to have two different accounts. One, my current Microsoft account to keep all my personal data synced with my other devices, and one more only for my job, with no access to my personal files and programs.

I thought I could create a new account as usual in Windows 7, choose one on system startup, and log into it using Windows Hello (yes, I know this is equivalent as using the same password for both accounts, but that´s not a problem).

I have tried, but failed to do it. I have created a new local account under "Family and other users", but when I restart the machine, it is nowhere to be found. I cannot log into it, it´s like if it didn´t exist. It is listed in the settings / family and other uses, but can´t use it.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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I have 4 accounts on Mine and Use Windows Hello on all - The way I do it is...... Head over to the Settings and Click on the Family and Other People - then - "Add Other People" - Then once they are created make them an Admin (if you want) in the control panel - then Log Off and Log on, change the way they log on or off - BAM! You are done - Hope this helps.