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Windows Hello does not change logged in user


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I have two user accounts on my s4pro.
One is mine (adminstrator), with my face registered for unlocking.
Second one is my daughter with her face registered.

when no one is logged in, rhe correct user acount will be selected when holding the face in front of the camera.

BUT when one of us is allready logged in and the power button is pushed, the screen gets dark. after pushing it again, it dpes not make a difference who is showing up in front of the camera, the account (same as before) will be logged in.

This actually quite insecure as I do not want my daughter to see the amazon chrimasshopping card which i was using setting up. (just a recent excample)


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It seems that it is doing what it was designed to do. If security is your concern - when walking away you should log out. Just using the power button twice after a short period assumes the same person is still using the system. You can also just tap power in the start menu and change users.

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