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New User and Member Needing Help with Audio


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Hi all. I'm a new member to the forums, and a new Surface RT owner. I love everything about the Surface so far, but I'm having trouble with some of the audio playback options. I am a student, and I do transcribing for a prof. On my old laptop, I ran Windows Media Player to listen to the conversations I had to transcribe. The Surface uses the Xbox app, which is fine, except that it doesn't seem to have a "playback speed" mode. Which is kind of important for my work. I'm wondering a few things, 1) is there a "playback" mode on the Xbox app and I just can't find it. 2) is there a better app out there that I could install (preferably free, 'cause I'm a student) or 3) is there some way to get Windows Media Player on the RT?

Thanks so much folks!!

Hello and welcome to the forum Owen! Congrats on the Surface!

Hopefully someone will have some suggestions for you on the sound / playback that you are inquiring about!