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New User - lots of questions


Hi Folks,
Tom here... Picked up my Surface Pro 3 a couple weeks ago and am VERY SLOWLY learning all about it (not so much the SP3 as much as Windows 10 that accompanied it). I'm transitioning to this machine from the Mac world (not leaving the Mac world, just adding to it) and am finding it difficult. Technology has surged so far that I'm afraid that I may get lost (and I have enough to do without having to deal with new OS and shortcuts, etc.)!

I'll probably be asking questions bit by bit, but the first one has to do with WiDi... This
"Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter" - do I just plug it in the TV and then connect one of the two via a WiFi SSID, or is it a bluetooth device? There doesn't seem to be much written about it in any of its advertisements and I hate to waste $60 on it.

And while I'm at it... The Micro SD port on the back of the SP3... How fast should the MicroSD card be to be usable like it's part of the hard drive?



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Welcome to the forum Tom

Even people who have been in the Windows sphere for quite some time are having a difficult time with Windows 10. Technology is trying to stay ahead of us. It's hard sometimes. ;)

What do plan on using the SD card for?


Thanks Leeshor, I liked your Freudian slip ("Widows 10") :)

The Micro SD will be an inexpensive way to increase hard drive space.


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I never ever in my whole life claimed to be a typist. ;);)

If the SD card is for docs and archive any decent SD card will do if it's from a major manufacturer. Class 4 and above. If it's for movies or music a class 6 or better would be a god choice. Class 10 is what most people seem to want, even if they don't need it. The cost of a great SD card, even at 64GB is pretty reasonable these days.


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hi tom, the best place to learn about setting up your wireless display adapter is YouTube ;) but here are the simple instructions
How to pair the adapter to your mobile device
Open Device charm
Bring out the charm menu from the right edge of the screen, and tap Devices.
Go to Devices
Tap Project > Add a wireless display

Add the adapter
Tap Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter in the list.

Share the screen
Your screen is now shared to your TV.


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welcome and let us know how it works out.. also I would look at some great vids made by sean ong on youtube! he has a lot of great tutorial vids


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I second the Sean Ong YouTube videos. His enthusiasm is contagious.
If you use the mSD card for pictures, music or videos you can go to your User folder (should be on the desktop with your name, or go This PC, C drive, Users then the folder with your name). Right click (or tap and hold) on the pictures folder, or video folder and choose Properties, then the Location tab. You can then click Move and navigate to a folder you create on the card. You can also right click on the Pictures folder or Video folder in you User folder and choose Include in Library. Some apps (like MUI apps) may not "see" the files there unless you include it in your libraries.