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New Wacom Pentab drivers causing my surface to lose Touch ability!!

I Installed the new Wintab drivers from Wacom on my Surface Pro last night. It asks you to restart, so I did. Finger touch works when I am asked to put in my password, but as soon surface boots to the start screen finger touch doesn't work at all. I looked around in all the setting and for info online, nothing I did would turn it back on. So I refreshed my Surface Pro and everything was back to normal.

......soooooo being the adventurous guy I am, I decided to try re-installing the Wintab driver again. This time after the restart every thing worked Fine. :D Turned the surface off a few minutes later.

An hour or so later turned the surface on and touch wasn't working. :mad:

I did some research online and I can't find anyone with the same problem. Was wondering how many of you tried the driver and if any of you experienced the same thing.

This is on my 2nd Surface Pro that is two days old. First one was returned this weekend.
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i had issues with the Wacom driver a few weeks ago so i rolled it back thru the device manager. Not sure if the ones you ref above are newer but it would not surprise me if they are the culprit. Since i rolled back i have not had the issues...
mm I have WinTab Driver and i don't have any issues :disappointed: can you give an example i can replicate and see if i have issues too :sorry:
the only thing I can think of is maybe it conflicting with this Auto hot key and Art dock thing that I was trying to do.

New ArtDock for Surface Pro

and this was the link to the Wintab Driver I installed.

Wacom Feel Driver | Wacom Americas

other than this I barely have anything else installed on this new Surface Pro.....steam, VLC, 7Zip....

you might already tried it but anyway

New ArtDock for Surface Pro

So if you "lost" touch, all you need to do is open art dock, press the enable touch button, and then restart.

Sorry you though you had to reinstall, because that's totally unnecessary.
lol, I didn't try that! That is probably it! I will try it soon and see what happens. Thanks! I was thinking about the possible connection with Art Dock on the way to work this morning, and hadn't researched it yet. Now I feel kinda stupid.....