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Surface Pro pen doesn't work at all?


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I just bought a used surface pro with the pen and the type cover keyboard. i bought it for art purposes, and i plan to only use it for photoshop and other art programs.
i tested it for a couple of minutes before buying it and the touch seemed responsive, just like the pen.
Now that i've brougjt it home though, and installed photoshop and the wacom pen pressure driver on it, the pen has just stopped working completely. at first i thought it was out of juice and stuck it to the tablet to let it charge overnight, but it still doesn't work. the pen and the tablet both seem to be almost new, and the nib isn't consumed so it probably doesn't need changing.
i tried resetting the surface by holding the power and the volume up button for 15 seconds, waiting 10 seconds and then turning the tablet on but that didn't work. what am i doing wrong?