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G'day (yeah, I know it's a bit stereotypical but what the hey!)
Well I got all excited and bought the Surface, mainly for work reasons. Love being able to use Office on the move but seriously hating the constraints MS have put in place with Adobe and not being able to download the programs I want! Please someone, tell me I'm just being a numptie and not getting the hang of it yet because if its not, this thing won't do half the things I need it to and I may just end up having to get rid.


Aw: Newbie from downunder

Hi and welcome,

congrats to the Surface. Its a great device.

You can only install Apps from the MS Store on Windows RT. Nothing else. The Surface with Windows RT is mention to compete with the iPad and Androit tablets.

If you need to install legacy Software then a tablet with Windows 8 / Pro would better fit your needs. The Surface Pro with Windows 8 Pro should be released this month. There are also a few other tablets from Samsung, Acer, Asus etc... out running Windows 8 / Pro.


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Yup, sounds to me like the Pro may be a better fit for you. What exactly are you attempting to do on the RT?


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Welcome to the forum. As has been said Windows RT has some limitations but is still the most productive tablet you will find for integrating into Windows and getting work done with Office. Many of the limitations can be overcome by adjusting your work flow and finding alternative solutions to the way you are use to doing things.

If you must absolutely have certain programs installed that you can't find in the app store (or an equivalent of) or remotely access though the cloud or a host machine then it sounds like the Surface Pro or another tablet running full Windows 8 is the choice for you. Search around the forum though because many new ways of doing things have already been discovered and you may find a very usable tablet in the Surface Rt after all.