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News of Surface mini


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Gizmodo Japan reports a story from a Taiwan financial newspaper that MS might announce the launch of the much rumored Surface mini by Christmas of this year. It's going to be offered in 8 and/or 10.1 inch size(s) and is planned to be released in Q2 of 2015. No word on hardware specs, but it's going to be bundled with Windows 10 and Office Mobile. Nor does it mention anything about a "Pro" line. It just says "Surface mini".

Cite in Japanese (The original Taiwanese report is based on news from a major supply chain based in Taiwan.)
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Speculation after speculation... I personally wouldn't expect anything until Windows 10 release is immenant.


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The reported inclusion of Windows 10 makes it a little suspicious. I call it rumor, not news.


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Q2 of C2015 would be April to June, so if Windows 10 RTMs around the Build Conference (April 2015) the story would be plausible....


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In my dream the 10.6" Surface 3 has a Tegra K2 SOC with quad core 64 bit CPU (handily powers past an iPad Air 2) 4GB Ram, 128GB Storage, tweaks the screen to 16:10 with bezel reduction, trio of biometric interfaces for enhanced security, includes native Dalvik/ART modules for seamlessly running cross platform apps, includes an Active Pen with OneNote and Office inking, X86 in the Cloud App Services for running any Legacy Apps needed remotely using RemoteFX and advanced WAN optimization technology. only weighs 1 pound and lasts 12 hours on battery, 24 hours with optional battery pack. Quick charges to 80% in 20 minutes full charge in 40.
I suppose a Snapdragon 810 would be ok. Yes I know a Tegra K2 doesn't officially exist yet...


Too late, I've bought a HP Stream 7 which fits in my pocket, no need anymore for a Surface Mini ;)


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Dammit what a bargain ! 119$ here in Canada for the Stream 7 ? What's the trick ? Do they make any profit on it ? Thanks for the advice @Gerke @TeknoBlast . I will probably get one !