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Thoughts on Surface Mini?


Although a Surface Mini announcement is not expected today, I think there is still a chance. Maybe it's just wishful thinking but anyway, I will be happy if nothing else if maybe we get a sneak peak or a leak or a reference of some sort at today's Microsoft event in NYC... What are your thoughts on a Surface mini? Are you happy with the 10.6 inch screen on your Surface RT or Surface Pro? Planning to upgrade to a new Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2? What about a Surface mini to go along with the bigger one? What specs/features are you hoping for in a Surface Mini? I personally love my RT but I find the screen a little bit big for long reading sessions of ebooks. For that I use my Nexus 7 2013. I am definitely interested in a Surface mini! Thoughts?


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I like the idea. But although I'd be satisfied with an RT version, I'd want it to have full blown win8.1. Regardless, from my usuage of new RT I got to add to collection, I actually like it. So it can only get better with more powerful tegra4.

I'm anxious on this MS event. I want all the details.


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I would like to see a Surface Mini, but Surface Mini RT, not full blown Windows. I love my Surface Pro, but like I mentioned plenty of times here, I don't need all that computing power with me at all times. A Surface Mini would be great for those moments when you just need to consume media in a more portable manner, even though the Surface pro is very portable, but again, don't need all that computing power everywhere I go.

So yeah, add me to hope there's an announcement of a Surface Mini.

I have an Acer W3 and would love to see a Surface at that size but with the quality of the Surface and with WINRT.


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I personally don't see a market for a Surface Mini. When you scale things down to that, simply to get a market competitor for other brands, the gap between phone to tablet diminishes. The main promoter of the Surface lineup is productivity; and there's only so much you can do on a small device, especially with an OS designed for larger machines.

Not disappointed by the...uh..."non-release" :)


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What is the advantage of having RT vs full windows running on an atom processor?

After today's announcement it's a matter of taste to have one or another. I'm going to tell you why I prefer the ARM:

1- it goes from total off to on quicker than the PRO and the PRO is fast.
2- almost none virus or malware known or existent so far. With the PRO you will have to constantly fight against those.
3- thinner, lighter and cooler.
4- new applications. I'm tired of all the x86 millions of programs existent or available around the web.
5- I want a companion pc, no a pc. When I need a PC I can, anyway, connect via remote desktop and work from my RT.


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Well, I'm happy to know that currently they are working in the next 3 generation, a hard hit for those thinking that the Surface was DOA.


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Surface 2 is very fast and blows the Bay Trail away in performance. And it feels great in your hands....