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No EXIF from Surface's camera?


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The pictures that I have taken with the Surface have no EXIF data whatsoever. Am I doing something wrong?

Other modern tablets/phones store not just date/time and camera settings (like aperture, shutter speed & ISO) but also latitude and longitude from the GPS.

On the Surface I get zilch! Not even date/time!
It's about as basic as it gets. The camera is for Skype and the like; not for photography.
The same thing is happening with my friend's Acer W510! That tablet has an 8MP camera with flash! Surely that camera isn't just for Skype too...

I think this is a limitation of the Camera App. In the options there is hardly anything. Is there a 3rd party camera app that can capture at least the very basic EXIF data?
<snip>On the Surface I get zilch! Not even date/time!

There is Date/time taken, Image size, and bit depth.

The Surface RT does not have a built-in GPS receiver, so don't expect any location data. But yeah, I can make an app that can use triangulation to get the long/lat info.
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