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Surface Camera issue

What are some good apps for the Surface that can utilize the camera without the camera being open?

I do video logs foryoutube and sometimes I need to use the back camera and want to not be in the Microsoft camera app(I may want to swipe to music or the browser) but when I swipe,it automatically ends the recording on my surface which is not what I want.

what are some good Camera apps(Webcam and back cam) I can download from windows store or online?


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I don't have any suggestions for you but I'll point out that any app that comes from the store will be a metro style app that will not continue to function once you've swiped to a different app. If you use split screen, they will continue to work. You don't mention which Surface tablet you have but if it's a pro version, look for a desktop app since those will continue to run in the background.


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New to the Surface RT Ruffles! When you say metro apps versus desktop apps, can you elaborate a little on the differences and give an example of each so I can look them up and see what you mean? Thanks in advance!


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Any app that comes from the Microsoft store is a metro app. If the app comes from another source like a CD or DVD and you have to click setup.exe to install it, it's a regular windows application.


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I would like to inquire if you guys have this problem. Whenever I close my type cover to my Microsoft surface, after a few minutes, the camera opens up. What gives? thanks

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