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Best Buy Just Announced Pre-Orders for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the New Surface Book


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Although you can head on over to Microsoft to pre-order the new Surface Pro 4 and/or the new Surface Book Laptop, that isn't the only place. Best Buy just announced their intention to carry the new Microsoft products, and that they have a pre-order starting today for either/both devices. For folks who prefer to get their tech products from a big box retail store like Best Buy, this is the perfect solution.

They have the full range of Surface Book laptops ranging in price from, $1500 to $2700. They also have several different versions of the Surface Pro 4, ranging in price from $900 to $2200.

Each of them, of course, get more features and more power the farther up the price tree you climb. Here's a direct link to secure your pre-order for one of these amazing new Microsoft creations: Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Laptop - Best Buy