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No sound from speakers


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I recently got a surface 2 tablet, and while I am overall quite pleased with it, it's been giving me trouble from start, most of which solved through a restart, nevertheless annoying.
The most frequent bug I've been experiencing is my speakers not working at all, and when using headphones only getting loud crackling noises.
Until today I have been able to solve it through logging out and then back in, but I feel like I shouldn't have to go through this every second time I login, and now it seems like logging out and back in won't do the trick anymore.
Anyone experiencing the same trouble? It seems like the most common surface 2 audio problems do not affect headphones, so my netsearches leave me little wiser. Please help!


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Does everything look good in Device Manager ... no yellow or other icons... expand these nodes as well:
Audio inputs and outputs
Sound video and game controllers
System devices

Have you tried uninstalling any of the Audio devices and let the system redetect and reinstall them?


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There seems to be no reason I can find- I restarted my device which seems to have put whatever was wrong at least temporarily right.
All good now-but seeing that it's been a recurring problem I'm starting to worry there might be something wrong with my tablet. Maybe I should have it looked at.