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Noise in absolute silence


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CPU whine, thats the name i was looking for, thx. Might verry well be that. But it sounded more like a scratching.

Anyone ever tried SpeedFan or hwinfo64 on a surface Pro3? For Fanspeed indication.

While i do agree that the Idea with iron fillings and cut&glue both sounds wonderfully interesting i think an academic approach would fit better.
No one here has a Seismometer ? Simply put the Surface3 on a huge block of stone, the seismometer on top, measurements with the device offline, and then when in idle an fan is supposed to be offline, and when the device is getting hot.

Anyone has a good idea how to create a cheap DIY seismometer ? xD
I have run a few tools that have the ability to display fan speeds... however they have always been blank. That's why I said I thought it didn't have a fan speed sensor... or maybe it does and MS has it hidden (I have no idea why they would do that though).

Lets us know if you find something that will display fan speed.


Intel XTU should show Fan Speed. It does not on the Surface Pro 3. So i think no other programm will be able to :(


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If you have access to a stethoscope (I don't) this might provide a more definitive evaluation on the sound's nature and source.
We have been smoking the fumes coming off apple products as we cannibalize them for iron filings, and parts to make a seismomometerometer

Ill bet the scratching sounds are just the surface thinness pixies trying to escape