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Bizarre Fan Behaviour - Strange sounds even in sleep mode


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Hi all. Does anyone else have a fan that makes weird occasional ticking, or popping noises when it is either first coming on (ramping up), or when it is ramping down? Also, when the fan is running and audible, if you then hit the sleep button to turn the screen and fan off, and then immediately hold the surface pro 3 up to your ear (right where the CPU and fan are, so top right side), do you hear a bunch of... bizarre noises? (I can't even describe them).

I don't think it is the fan spinning down (momentum), because they persist for quite some time.

I wanted to get an outside opinion on this before I initiate a repair with Microsoft. Already had to replace my first one because of a screen defect. Really not looking forward to potentially switching to a third Surface Pro. With that said, I wouldn't want the warranty to lapse and then the fan to conk out :-(

Between the fan coming on an absurd amount, and now this, I wish I had just bought the Core M model (and in-fact would have if Microsoft offered a Core M model with 8 GB of RAM).

Thoughts everyone? Thanks!


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Quick update: I remembered I had some compressed air left over after cleaning my desktop. I just blasted the... poop out of the top right section of the SP3, and now the popping sound is greatly diminished.

The scratching sound when I put it to sleep when the fan has been running remains, but not for as long now? Maybe a coincidence since someone in another thread says it is probably capacitors and not related to the fan, which makes sense to me (and, if true, should not be affected by compressed air).

Overall this device is bizarre. Easily my favourite portable PC ever, and second favourite PC overall (my current gaming desktop holds that spot!), so I'm not complaining or bashing it. But some of the behaviour, in particular on the fan front, just seems odd... like it has a mind of its own.