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Not a toy - Surface Book Lapability, Wobble, and Comfort


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This was typed with a Surface Book on my lap, partly from the keyboard, and partly from poking the screen. Some comments:
  • The depth of the device (front to rear) is very comfortable, leaving lots of room for my wrists. There is as much room from the bottom edge to the keys as the Ctrl key to the Esc key. (see attached picture) There are no obstructions to the left or right of the trackpad, and the finish of the Surface Book feels good on my hands. The texture feels like a sheet of paper- not too slick, not too rough. My MacBooks tend to feel too slick.
  • On my lap at the airport, wobble is not a problem. It is natural when typing with the keyboard and poking the screen to leave one hand on the keyboard. This arrests most of the wobble or rocking. The weight distribution of the Surface Book feels natural and helps with the comfort. I do lots of typing, cursor editing, etc., mostly because of programming, and was a bit worried about this. Not to worry.
  • Not having a kickstand pressing on my lower thighs feels so much better than did my Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, now Surface Pro 3, though I still like the kickstand idea of the Surface computers. I am keeping my Surface Pro 3.
  • The dimensions and light weight and weight distribution of the Surface Book feels very nice on my lap.
  • The keyboard action is fantastic. Not a 'Chicklet', but similar. Not a full-action, but similar. Not small or crowded.
  • It is wonderful to be able to detach the screen in order to bring something close to my eyes, when necessary, or to do a video chat handheld, then put it right back on the keyboard.
  • "Hello" face recognition is brilliant. I see the red light turn on at the web camera when I am being scrutinized. Login happens with no hands.
On my lap at the airport. Look at all that room. Much happier thighs, too.