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nVidia not showing up


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My surface book has been working great. After the latest round of updates, I am not seeing the NVidia Card in Device Manager anymore, and it was there before. Also I cannot run the NVidia software or reinstall the NVidia driver/software from the drivers. This has also occurred on another machine as well. I have an I7 and the other machine is an I5. Anyone else see this occurring? Any Ideas?


I know it may sound dumb, but when you checked did you make sure to have the "clipboard" attached to the dock? The Nvidia card won't show up in device manager unless the keyboard dock is connected. I once made this mistake.


Try detaching and re-attaching the clipboard. In my experience, if I've been using the clipboard for any length of time, the dGPU will not be detected upon first re-attaching to the base. I need to remove and re-attach to get it detected.

Just another example of the amazing quality that is this POS.


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I have completely lost the Nvidia GPU on the device manager (I have a i7 with dGPU) it was working fine (even ran games, benchmarks etc. Then when i flipped the screen it vanished from the device manager, I have tried all the tip so far (detaching and reattaching, scanning for new changes, restarting the machine) I think the only other option is either factory reset of the device or send it back to Microsoft, both mean a significant headache for me.

Any other ideas to why the GPU vanishes?