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office 365 and oneDrive, better deal for Surface pro owners?

Enrico D.

I remember that Surface Pro owners had some better deal about onedrive or maybe office 365 not sure,
I remember like we could have however more GB of onedrive, but I see mine it's 18gb now, I think it increased of 10GB not sure. To you?

However, I was planning to subscribe the Office 365 at 9.99 per month that give also 1TB space on onedrive and can be used up to 5 users or pc plus 5 windows tablet (I guess surface pro 3 it is considered a windows tablet? or pc?).

However I would like to know if me and my wife we use it as 2 users, we pay max 9.99 per month, or for each user you add it would cost 9.99 more?

sorry my be a bit off topic, but it's just easy question. thanks


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My wife and I share the single Office 365 subscription. We do have separate folders in OneDrive for our "stuff". This works out very well indeed.

Now, I could go looking through all her documents to "check up on her", but after 30 years of marriage I don't go looking for secrets.


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It's free to add the subscription to up to five Microsoft accounts. Each one gets access to office web and client software and their associated onedrive increases to 1TB each.
Enrico D.

Enrico D.

thank you very much, it's what I wanted to know, I mean, each of us has a Microsoft login, perfect then, it's good price and we can keep separate the drives to avoid accidents of delete files. Perfect!


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I have the Office 365 Personal Plan (7.95 per month), and my Surface Pro 1, Surface Pro 3, and iPad are all covered under that plan and I get the OneDrive boost. Its only supposed to cover one PC and one tablet (guess the surface pro is the PC and the SP3 is considered the tablet); don't know why the iPad works with office though, maybe a glitch or it activated based on having a office 365 subscription.


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When I purchased my Surface Pro 2, I got 200GB of OneDrive storage for 2 years, and some Skype minutes or something...

I'm not aware of an Office 365 discount for SP3 owners, but they should definitely introduce it with SP4. Give a voucher for a few months free at least.


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Instead of doing the monthly payment, get the year subscription.

Office365 Home ( 5 users) retails at about $100 but is usually on Amazon for something around $70 for the year.

Also if you can shop at a military exchange, they have the Military Appreciation version that retails for $70 and is the same as Office365 Home.

Possibly the personal version can be had at discount also on a yearly basis.