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Office in metro mode

Kamran Samaie

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since I knew that that OneNote doesn't have all functions in the free version and I also wanted to use Outlook for my mails, contacts and calender I decided to get myself Microsoft Office.

I checked the different Office packs and didn't really want to "rent" it, so I bought the Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 instead of getting Office 365. After downloading and installing I was surprised to see Outlook and especially OneNote in desktop mode instead of metro mode. I looked through the settings but I can't seem to find a way to change that. I actually have two OneNote versions installed now, I can choose the default (metro or desktop), but that doesn't change that I can't use any functions from the desktop mode like "ink to text".

Did I really buy the wrong version or is there something I can do about that?

Thanks in advance!


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The only MUI Office Applications that are currently released are OneNote and Lync. Rumor is that Office Gemini (the MUI Version of Office) will be released in conjunction with Windows Threshold next April.

If you would have purchased Office365 instead of the Stand Alone you would receive this upgrade as part of your subscription.


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I would have bought Office 365 but it doesn't matter as for as getting a metro version of Office. Microsoft hasn't released a metro version of Office yet. BTW. Welcome to the forum if you haven't been welcomed before. You're in the same boat a lot of us are in with OneNote. Actually I believe most of us prefer the desktop version of OneNote to the Metro version.

Kamran Samaie

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thanks for the replies, I was worried that I might have bought the wrong version

Also thank you bluegrass for welcoming me! Even though I might not be in the exact same boat as most of you, since I used Apple products for the last years exclusively and the last Windows version I used was XP :-D

Regarding the Office 365 vs Home and Business, aside from not seeing the point of "renting" software. I'm not going to switch to a different mail client anytime soon (the transition from iMail will be hard enough...). I also got a big discount on the Home and Business making it the same price as two months of 365