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OMG My iPad is Outdated Again!


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LOL, Apple announcing 4th gen ipad today, just six months after 3rd gen. maybe Surface can get me out of this viscous cycle!


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Yes, that is actually pretty ridiculous, to release one iPad and 6 months later one that is 2x as fast. Would feel like a total burn had I bought one. Plus the iPad mini as an option that is two new iPads when people just spent several hundred dollars months ago and not only didn't have the options, they didn't even have the information about something coming (speculation on the mini only).

Now considering the iPad mini (7.9") starts at $329 (up to $659!) and the iPad 4 starts at $499 (up to $899), I'd say that puts the Surface RT is in a pretty good position. The Surface Pro should compare favorably to the higher price iPads which is great considering it is as much laptop as tablet.

Also, if I can take a try at reading between the lines, Apple is feeling threatened by the potential of the Surface and Windows 8, making their announcements today and with per-orders going live on October 26. Coincidence? If they weren't worried there is no way those dates line up.
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I was initially pissed, but I got over it :)

I got exactly what i paid for, and the new one is not so impressive I have to have it. I don't play the types of games (racing, 1st person shooters) that would need the new processor, so the 3rd gen is totally fine for my needs.

the new Mini is CLEARLY a response to the Nexus and Kindle Fire with Apple trying to get the price point down to where they can compete in the 7" market. I like the 10 inch size, so the mini doesn't interest me at all, especially since it's display is a step back and there will likely be a Mini with Retina in a few months.

Oh, and the date is obvious... but could backfire. i for one will be testing out my Surface this Friday instead of pulling my hair out over Apple website crashes (no way they are ready to handle mini and 10" presales at once.)
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Like you said the mini is a response to the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 but it misses in two key areas:

1. "It's the price stupid" and getting a smaller device goes hand in hand with getting a smaller price. $329 just doesn't cut it when Amazon and Google are pushing the cost of entry ever closer to $100.

2. In Apple's event today they were bragging about how much larger the mini is than it's competitors (49% screen and 35% body). Obviously they don't get it if they are talking about how much larger the "mini" is. If it isn't the price then people want the smaller size for on the go. Having an 8" Vizio Vtab, the size is great if you want a tablet to primarily use as a "full size" tablet but is just small enough to be more manageable and take on the go. However if you really want portability or just to read my 7" tablet is the go to device.

That one inch might not seem like much but in my opinion it makes the device more cumbersome and difficult to use one handed. Of course it is mini compared to a 10" device but again that is missing the point of a 7" tablet. If you can only have one device for high portability and ease of one handed use, 8" is probably the sweet spot. If you want a second device as a companion device to a full size tablet then 7" is the way to go. I can't seen any reason you would have an iPad and iPad mini as a lighter easier to use companion device. So maybe this is an entry level model to get people into Apple and the full size iPads? In that case see #1, since this ins't entry level pricing. Also isn't that what the iPhones and iPod touches are for?

Apple is very good at what they do but this is a tablet that is clearly in response and in defense, definitely making it an also ran rather than a leader for a change.


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Hey, I thought no religious discussions were allowed...so no talking about Apple, just kidding. I started with windows tablets and switched to iPads (and purchased every model) but the Surface has REAL possibilities.

I ordered by Surface from my iPad.
I listed my New iPad (3) for sale with my Surface.
Who says there is no Karma? ;-)

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