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New 128gb iPad released


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When all that's done is done I'm not anti-Apple, I'm just a Microsoft Surface supporter because it's the superior tablet. Apples' longevity lead will only last so long.


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Why cough up 799+ for a wifi only ipad with 128gb, when you can spend 599 on a Surface RT with a touch cover, and go buy a 1Tb external Hard drive. Surface has Office on it. If you want to compare apples to apples the ipad and the surface rt are the ones to compare. Not an ARM cpu tablet(iPad) compared to a intel cpu ultrabook(Surface pro)Two totally different classes. Plus, we have potential for software developers to make the drivers needed to run 4G internet cards, USB stick VPNs on windows RT. I don't know why these new 128gb iPads are being haled. "Apple champions tablets for business with 128gb iPad"? People need to wake up!

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With the Microsoft Surface Pro just days away from being released, the 128gb Ipad is Apples attempt to control the tablet market as much as they can. The same can be said about the Ipad Mini and constant upgrades to their devices. They have done a good job in covering the market but the Surface Pro is a different kind of device. If the Surface Pro sells well, just putting more memory is not going to solve your problem. It's all about innovation and predicting what the public is going to want (Steve Jobs had a knack for that). Putting band-aids on your devices will work for a while but eventually you'll start falling behind.