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New 128gb iPad released


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Looks a bit like Apple are a bit nervous about the Surface Pro as they have just announced a 128gb iPad for 'business users'.

Apple have had a bit of luck in announcing it the same day everyone's grumbling about the Surface Pro's huge 45gb OS eating a big chunk out of the theoretical 128gb memory.

Maybe it'll encourage MS to respond by taking pre-orders :)
Apple have had a bit of luck in announcing it the same day everyone's grumbling about the Surface Pro's huge 45gb OS eating a big chunk out of the theoretical 128gb memory.

Any educated buyer should know you can't compare an iPad to the Surface Pro. But I'm sure many will.
I don't think simply adding more memory to the iPad is much of a solution to anything. It just offers "something new" for people to buy. Certainly there will be people who appreciate the extra space but I seriously doubt a large portion of iPad users see this as something they have been longing for. My guess is Apple would have made many more people happy by simply adding a micro SD slot to the "new" iPad.
How much storage is left? ;)


February 5 release ahead of the Surface Pro. They're affected, yes? Ha ha
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Well since I broke this down for the Surface Pro in another thread (http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/microsoft-surface-pro/3266-guy-really-irritates-me.html#post15015) and made this thread http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/...8-flash-memory-actual-capacity-estimates.html. I can break down the iPad even though I understand it was rather tongue-in-cheek.

Googling gives me iPad numbers of:

64GB = ~59.6GB of usable space. 59.6GB - 58.1GB reported free space = 1.4GB iOS
16GB = ~14.9GB of usable space. 14.9GB - 13.8GB reported free space = 1.3GB iOS


128GB = ~119.2GB of usable space. 119.2GB - 1.3GB iOS = ~117.9GB free space on a 128GB iPad. This is significantly more free space but you have to keep in mind iOs is not a full OS and does not offer device and driver support by simply connecting via USB.
Interestingly enough, my Surface RT came with 64Gb of memory and I can put another 64Gb (or use my USB for external usage) in the SD slot. With the Surface Pro coming out with 128Gb of memory, the only way for you to expand or upgrade your Ipad is to buy a new one. Now tell me which system is too expensive. Do those articles that keep bashing Microsoft talk about that? Nooo...Of course not because Apple can do no wrong.
Great point. In comparison I tell people that my tablet, with a microSD slot, has an unlimited about of storage by way of expandability. Of course when I tell people only that my tablet has 192GB they look at me like I came from another planet. 32GB internal plus 128GB external.
After the initial blast of articles repeating Apple's announcement, I have interestingly seen a rash of articles calling Apple out on this one as a defensive play or a money grab for enterprise use. The early articles or biased sources are easy to pick out because they simply echo Apple's press release. According to Apple, apparently all that was needed to turn the iPad into a content creation and productivity device was more storage space. Here's one example of the early stories:

But if you look at Apple’s press release and how the company is positioning this product, it’s meant to be a computer replacement, and for a lot of people, it’s really starting to become one.

There might be $100 or $200 tablets other manufacturers can sell, but none of them are computer replacements — the iPad with Retina Display is.

You want to use AutoCAD? Record 24 audio tracks? Manage your company’s remote servers? Edit Office documents? Store all of your RAW photos and HD videos in addition to editing them? The iPad can do all that and more. That’s the future and Apple not only knows it, Apple is making it happen.
Source: Apple?s 128GB iPad shows the world exactly what Apple does best - Yahoo! News
Apple's statement: Apple - Press Info - Apple Increases iPad with Retina Display to 128GB

The extra space suddenly makes the iPad a capable computer replacement and enterprise machine?

Now articles like this are popping up.

Apple's 128GB iPad: Here's how much the bump really costs | Apple - CNET News

Why you might not need Apple's 128GB iPad - CNN.com

Don't be confused by the 128GB iPad. It's not for you. | ZDNet

Not exactly the glowing "Apple can do no wrong articles" that have become fairly regular.