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Once a surface user-always a surface user


I've been visiting the forums EVERYDAY for the last 3 years EVEN when i didn't use my surface for 2 years! True fan of the surface forums community work ethic in helping others with detailed answers and "always available to help" notion. Really appreciate that about you guys

Hey guys, i first came here all the way back during the early day of "this is an amazing, cool, innovative machine" for the surface rt in 2012. I bought a surface rt early 2013 and still have it-it's still that slow, ambitious product that it was 3 years ago and i just couldn't handle the performance (couldn't even watch a youtube video) and decided to buy a used Lenovo yoga 13-Don't get me started on how many problems that had (firmware updates, fan, bios, drivers, performance). I then FINALLY came to my senses and got a surface pro 3.

Going into it i ways worried about the form factor and if i should stop going with these designs and save myself the headache and go with a NORMAL, clamshell-then i remembered, life to short to be NORMAL! lol

I just received it yesterday and MAN! that is downright the absolute best screen i have seen in my life. The color reproduction, saturation, viewing angles, WOW. Then the form factor and i smiled to myself cause i remember why i bought the surface rt-it's looks-it looks like it was designed in 2020.

Overall, im extremely satisfied with my surface pro 3 (i5,4gb,128,black)-would have gone with 8gb but i found a great deal HOWEVER i need somethings clarified.

1. Google chrome high DPI-im running latest build of chrome 42.00(64bit) and i researched that the best option if to just tick high dpi in compatibility in the properties. However i read somewhere that this doesn't fully fix all of chrome JUST some elements and icon or something? I tried the copy and paste something into target field but apparently thats for older builds.

2. Chrome Canary-if i end up installing canary-im worried that it might not be optimized in terms of performance like take as least amount of ram and cpu as possible because it's like a beta and not final build. So can someone let me know if they use it and if it's really worth it just for high dpi?

3. I have 'idle maintenance' disabled so does this mean that maintenance wont start up because i can't seem to disable it and i can't untick "allow maintenance to wake computer up" cause it's greyed out-Can someone help me on that please?

4. I read an article about UNDERCLOCKING and how it can increase performance, reduce heat, increase battery and all/ Has anyone tried this out or has experience with it and knows if it's worth the risk and what not (i5,4gb,128gb)

5. Whats the best power mode and ones that you guys recommend that is good with performance and battery?

6. Any important threads, tips tricks, i should check out or any essential threads for the tech enthusiast?

Big shout out to admin, ctitanic and that guy who has a grey picture of a fluffy dog as his profile, i remember you guys from all they way back from 2012 when I needed help with buying an surface rt.

Thanks heaps guys it's amazing to be back!


Also drivers guys, is there any manual drivers i should install and ones i should avoid as the are buggy or something? Cheers


My tip would be to manually install the latest Intel graphics drivers. Makes the screen look even better when looking at photos and watching videos. Gets rid of colour banding and posterisation.
Chrome is a battery hog. I don't use it on my SP3 (only use it on my desktop). I use IE metro exclusively on my SP3 and it's been working flawlessly.


Success with underclocking, like overclocking, is going to depend upon your specific CPU. "If" your CPU can run stably at a lower voltage it should run cooler, consume less power, etc. etc. You might experience blue screens and lockups however if it needs the voltage it is not getting by underclocking.


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Not got a Surface at the moment but currently have the HP7, however always find reading about the Surfaces progress interesting.
Only question that comes to mind is did the dying battery/battery not detected issue get sorted? Or is it still a problem?
Like the look of the Atom powered unit, but not commiting myself yet :)