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Once a surface user-always a surface user


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I think you will like Windows 10 on your new Surface Pro 3. It will be out in about two months, if you are not already previewing it.
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I would go further. not only do not use Chrome; do not install it. I used to have it installed but would find various zombie processes chewing up resources. good bye.


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I use Chrome on my SP3 when power isn't an issue. Otherwise, Metro IE11.

I personally don't worry too much about power settings. I keep the brightness down around 40%, maybe a bit darker if I'm on battery and trying to make it last. Otherwise, just use your SP3 as you need it, and once a month let the battery discharge to at least 10%.

And like @sharpcolorado said, don't get too terribly moved into and attached to Win 8.1, until you've given Win 10 a go. It should be out in a couple months.

A big congrats to you for making the plunge. Welcome to the club!