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One Note 2013 SP3 Pen Issues?


Made the jump to 10 yesterday.
My Pen, the top button only will bring up "Metro" OneNote, regardless of my specifying ON2013 being the default. If I double click, it will screen shot into Metro ON.

Here's the kicker, erase button does not work in ON 2013, but it DOES work in ON Metro.

I know, pains of breaking through the wall first.
I use ON2013 all the time, and I use the eraser nearly as often as I use the backspace key when I'm in mad typing mode.
Anyone else experience this?


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Currently under Windows 10 the Pen Button will only launch the Universal OneNote App. We don't really know when they'll update to be able to launch the Win32 version.

If I was a guessing man it would come around the time OneNote 2016 is released.


Thanks Roach....but I'm back on 8.1.
Too many things are not quite polished and this is my daily driver.
One Note only being one of them.


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With regard to the pen button not working as an eraser, chances are 2013 is erroneously set up for a 1 pen button. I've not seen it this time, but previously, I would always get a very short wizard to chose between a 1 or 2 button pen when starting up 2013 for the first time.