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One note and pen double click not working


Ok so I installed the firmware update. The one button one note works. However the double click does not. I double click the pen and the screen will flash and one note launches. But my screen shot does not show up on one note, it's just blank.. What am I doing wrong?


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I can't get this feature to work either. I double tap the button, the screen acts as though it takes a screen shot, then it opens the One Note app as if I pressed it once.
My OneNote app is up to date.


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You need to update OneNote Modern UI and Office 2013 as well as the Surface Firmware....


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I did a factory reset and now everything works..

I didn't have to do a factory reset to finally get mine to work.
I uninstalled OneNote from the MS Store. I then tried to reinstall it, but it kept telling me that the app was installed on my device, which I knew I had already uninstalled it. I did a Reboot, then went back to the MS Store to reinstall OneNote. It's now working as it should.