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I can only get it to work if I open first in desktop version, sync then search metro version.
That's why I said that it was not implemented in the MUI version. The full version is the one that includes handwriting recognition. That process convert to text and save that info in the index and that is what makes the text searchable.


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I can also confirm that today, the same search for "bean" works just fine in metro. MS really need to work at better integrating desktop and modern UI


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Yes I have indexing checked.. On further investigation it seems writing in Metro and try searching straight away doesn't work for me. Exit and restart metro doesn't work still. Sync exit restart still doesn't work. Open desktop OneNote and sync and close, now open metro and search works in metro. It seems to need to sync with the desktop app before it will work. Not sure if this is just me or how it works. My metro OneNote is a bit flakey at the moment the pen doesn't open it sometimes and I need to restart to get it to work. Usually after going into standby so there may be an issue with mine.

Perhaps delete OneNote MUI and reinstall? Sometimes that can help.