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Surface Pro 3 Pen Issues... Leaving Gaps?


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Hi all

Recently got me SP3 and its been perfect.

Except, I have been noticing in one note the pen appears to miss out certain points where i am writing.

For example, if I write normally, it partially selects what to ink and what not to - so i end up with half a letter at random for words i'm writing down.

It's becoming increasingly frustrating because i can't quite note take correctly.

Anyone else with this experience?


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I've had occasions where the ink has become intermittent. I fixed it by removing the pen's battery and then replacing it - so just unscrew the pen, separate the parts, then reconnect.


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Are you pressing down on the pen hard enough? I hate to recommend it, but Microsoft released the Surface Hub app that will allow you to adjust the pen pressure settings somewhat. Who knows, it might take care of the issue that you're experiencing.

If you're seeing the pen not working in specific locations on the screen (in other words the same spot on the screen is always left blank), then you'll likely need a replacement unit.


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This has happened to me, what I found that helps is too unplug the machine, keep the keyboard attached, flip it around to use the stylus. Ever since trying this haven't had issues in a week.