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OneNote 2013 and OneNote App synced over each other


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Earlier today, I was about to print my homework and opened it in OneNote 2013 to do this, having created it in the app for MUI.

OneNote 2013 contained an older version, and synced it over my new version, creating an absolute mess. Any way to fix this when it happens? I had to do it manually, and fortunately I had some time.


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I've had a few issues like this too, though not too major, usually the sync is fine, and I have had 2013 open on my desktop and MUI Open on the surface at the same time, writing notes on the surface and sticking in screen clippings from teh desktop which I then write over on the surface. Once or twice I had a sync error where it refused to delete something and it appeared in both places and I couldn't get rid of it without erasing and starting again.
Go to OneNote 2013
File-> Open Backups
Click on your notebook
And open the intended section of interest

OneNote backs up your files every now and then so there is a chance it has your save.
If this doesn't work I don't know what will.

Good luck.