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OneNote 2013 - scroll via touchscreen only works with no external monitor


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I use my SP3 with a few external displays, and have no need for the SP3 touchscreen except for when I want to take written notes or make annotations in OneNote 2013. I open OneNote on the surface screen and pinch to zoom works, but I can't scroll around a page by dragging round the screen.

Without any external displays connected I can drag round the screen, and I find it very useful.

Does any one know a way to be able to enable this dragging all the time?

Word 2013 doesn't suffer from this problem - you can drag pages up and down with the touch screen even when an external display is connected.


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I have the same problem.. I found that I can cheat and it will let me scroll with 2 fingers while the SP3 is docked. this also triggers pinch zoom so it is not ideal. definitely feels like a bug that it stops working